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What info do your eyes hold?

Last month I was in Germany. I went because I was excited to learn more about some of the products that I use for my biopuncture treatments. The four full days of training were amazing, but the big surprise for me was that I learned something that I hadn’t anticipated to be as interesting and as useful as it turned out to be.

Dr. Kay Kaemmerer is the naturopath who led most of our training and even invited us to visit his clinic to observe him in action. We watched him use complex diagnostic tools and computer programs, simple observational skills, and in-house laboratory tests. His treatments drew on conventional western medicine techniques (mostly diagnostic), Traditional Chinese Medicine treatments (mostly seven-star needling, cupping, and some acupuncture), homeopathic and homotoxicology treatments, and more.

As I mentioned, however, constitutional iridology is what I focused on learning. It is through close inspection of the iris of the eye that we can see where the body has tendencies toward weaknesses and possible disease. We all know that all of our eyes look different from each others’. But, the differences are so much more noticeable with the use of a magnifying glass. Each eye is like a fingerprint, a blueprint of your own health.

In TCM, I already use pulse and tongue diagnosis as part of my tools in assessment of a person’s health. Constitutional iridology gives me more insight into the possible root causes of current illnesses, as well as a focus on preventative measures that can be taken to avoid weaknesses toward future disease.

Check out these pictures and see just how different the eyes can be! And let me know if you want to learn what your eyes “say” about your health.

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