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Bringing Ancient Medicine to Your Modern Life

Traditional Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture Vancouver BC

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Since 2001 I have been practicing Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture in Vancouver BC. I am a health partner, health motivator, and health guide. Using proven modalities that bring about whole-being balance, my focus is on ongoing health, not just temporary relief. This is what I call active health.

I take a modern approach to the ancient practices of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Methods of treatment include acupuncture, biopuncture, customized Chinese herbals, Chinese food cures, western nutrition, and supplements.

I work out of an integrative medicine clinic called Connect Health Centre for Integrative Medicine in Kitsilano Vancouver, BC. As a part of a natural health team, I focus on your health, your way.

I invite you to find out how you can get healthier and stay healthy. Call 604-733-4400 to book an appointment or contact me directly by clicking here.

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What my patients say

  • I came in with a tweaked back, and although still stiff after treatment, I was more mobile to get through the rest of the day. About 8hrs after, I was able to bend over and touch my toes, look over my shoulder, all the things that were limited that morning. So good in fact, I was able to compete in a triathlon the next morning and finish in 2:47.

    – S.L., Vancouver, B.C.,

  • “Total bliss,” my first thought as I rolled off the table. Hard to believe 60 minutes ago I suffered from needle phobia. Her thorough explanation of the procedure and constantly checking in with me to see if things felt okay were perfect. I have recommended Dr. Carr to friends and family who feared the needle as I once did. Thanks to Dr. Carr’s advice, we’ve implemented acupuncture at Beauty Night to benefit our participants.

    –Caroline MacGillivray
, Beauty Night,

  • Hi there Dr. Carr. Have been meaning to send you a thank you for the new elbows. They are feeling great. Have put in over 50 hrs of drumming with no complications. Just wanted you to know.

    –Rob Wade, musician/drum instructor, www.jarcanada.com,

  • I have had stiffness and minimal mobility in my shoulder for over a year. I wasn’t sure what to expect but the biopuncture needle felt similar to an acupuncture needle. That night, I felt a big difference in my shoulder and did not experience the nightly soreness. I have also gained more mobility in my shoulder. Since the treatments are natural and work with my body’s ability to heal itself, I am going to continue along this path.

    – L.N., Vancouver, B.C.,

  • I’m an avid supporter of acupuncture and consider it a great healing art: it’s a fundamental part of my positive self-care and wellness. One of the first things I do upon arriving anywhere to film is to find a terrific acupuncturist and practitioner of TCM. In Vancouver, Dr. Melissa Carr has helped me acclimate to the damp autumn climate as well as support my immune system during the critical phases of transition when it can be so easy to come down with something. I so look forward to seeing her each week!!

    – Ashley Judd, actress and dedicated humanitarian for poverty alleviation, public health, human rights, social justice, and animal rights,