About Biopuncture

Biopuncture is the injection of sterile biologic products into specific locations of the body.

biopunctureWhat is biopuncture?

Biopuncture is the injection of sterile biologic products into specific locations of the body. It is also known as Acupuncture Injection Therapy (AIT). Acupuncture points can be chosen based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) principles and diagnosis to stimulate an immune response, balance hormones, regulate function, speed healing, and restore energy and vitality.  I  usually choose trigger points to relieve pain and “knots” in the muscles that you may have experienced for years.

What is injected?

I use sterile biologic products, including both natural and pharmaceutical substances. Low dose and micro-dose natural remedies are my main choice for injectables. I also use B12 and procaine. I select remedies to fit your health issue and problem area. To learn more about the remedies, click on the issues I treat, listed below under the heading, “what can it treat?”


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What can it treat?

Biopuncture can treat a wide variety of health concerns and address many of your chronic complex health issues. Its results can be tremendous, and because it usually uses micro- doses, the goal is to initiate a healing process, not simply suppress symptoms.

For more about some of the health issues I treat with biopuncture:

  • Pain and injury
  • Allergies
  • Immune boosting
  • Detoxification
  • Hormone balancing
  • Edema and puffiness
  • Anxiety and stress
  • Fatigue

How does biopuncture work?

Though micro-doses are usually used, the response can be powerful. Biopuncture is not a vaccination, but an analogy to that can be used. For example, small amounts of a virus can be injected to stimulate an immune response to protect against a larger infection. In some cases, a few injections can be used to protect us for several years.

With conventional medicine, drugs are used to suppress symptoms. Their benefits are usually temporary, so you must continue to take the medication. With the micro-doses used in biopuncture, your body’s own natural mechanisms can be awoken so that the healing comes from within, not from the products themselves. The number of required treatments varies and depends on the your individual case, severity of the problem, and duration of the problem.

Does biopuncture hurt?

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This is usually one of the first questions and concerns when it comes to any needle. For some, the worry occurs because they have had painful cortisone injections or prolotherapy. The needles I use are very fine and the quantity injected is small, so they are usually comfortable. Some areas can feel a small pinprick, slight burning, pressure or a small amount of aching. Some patients don’t feel anything at all.

Is biopuncture safe?

The substances that are injected are very safe. Side effects are rare and may include bruising or slight irritation at the injection site, some temporary muscle pain or weakness, or dizziness after treatment. Though some notice immediate benefits, some experience a temporary aggravation of symptoms in the first 24 hours following treatment as the body is being stimulated to make changes. This is an adaptation part of treatment called the “reaction phase”. Injection therapy has not been evaluated for those who are pregnant and all known or possible allergies must be reported so proper choices for therapeutic remedies can be suitably selected.

How do I prepare for biopuncture?

Ideally, do not drink coffee or strong green or black tea for at least an hour before treatment. Do not take aspirin or other non-prescription blood thinners for 3 days before biopuncture. Notify me if you take prescription blood thinners. If you bruise easily, take 1500mg of vitamin C and 500 mg of bioflavonoids twice daily.

After biopuncture, do not exercise, use a sauna, or use a hot tub for 5 hours after treatment. Do not get deep tissue massage at the injection site for 2 days after treatment.

Is biopuncture a suitable treatment for you?

That is something that I would determine via a complete and thorough consultation and evaluation. I believe that you are the lead determinant of your own health. I always recommend lifestyle, food, exercise, and a healthy attitude as your best foundation tools for wellness. Acupuncture, Chinese herbs, supplements, food cures, and now biopuncture are the pieces that I can include to your game plan for optimal health and healing.

To watch a video about biopuncture, check out this video from Dr. Oz.