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Q&A: Can acupuncture be used to treat tension headaches?

I was recently asked this question at a health show: Can acupuncture be used to treat tension headaches?

Acupuncture absolutely can help treat, manage, and prevent tension headaches. Here is a link to an article about tension headaches and migraines and the use of acupuncture to treat them:

I have been treating patients for a variety of health problems for more than 10 years, but my experience started with receiving acupuncture to treat my own headaches. I used to get daily headaches, from the time I was a child until about a month into getting acupuncture, taking Chinese herbs, and implementing some nutritional changes.

Acupuncture is best recognized for its ability to treat pain and relax tight muscles. It is also fantastic at helping to relieve stress, a major cause of tension headaches.

So, if you get frequent headaches or any migraines, know that you need not suffer! Whether a tension headache or ones caused by blood sugar imbalances, changes in weather, allergies, sinusitis, chemical sensitivities, hormonal imbalance, or other, get yourself treated sooner than later.

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