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Immune Boosting

When I was a kid, I tried to bargain my way out of any injections or blood draws. I once succeeded in talking my way out of a blood draw, much to the chagrin of my little sister who was chosen instead! Sorry sis!

Now I do my own injections on myself. This summer I injected my knees with Traumeel, Lymphdiaral, and Zeel and it worked!

Today was immune boosting day. One 2ml injection of Pascoleucyn to help me avoid joining the slews of folk who will suffer from colds and flus this fall and winter. If you want to do the same, ask me.

This is the recommended flu prevention protocol:

Healthy individuals: 1 ampoule in September or October (and possibly a 2nd ampoule in December or January)

People under stress, or the elderly: 1 ampoule per month

In situations of high susceptibility: 1 ampoule per week

Don’t want to do injections?

For the whole family, PASCOLEUCYN drops are useful for both prevention and treatment of cold and flu symptoms. One bottle usually lasts a family 1-2 seasons!

You might also consider my fave throat spray if you do get a tickle in your throat or get sick.


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