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Health Product Review

I recently attended the CHFA show, a trade show for those in the health industry. I always like seeing what’s new and learning about healthy supplements and foods. And I love testing things out myself. The day I got home, I took pictures of what I was most looking forward to trying. I haven’t tried it all yet, but here’s my review, so far.

Fermented Milk Thistle

I’ve used Botanica’s other fermented herbal products before, so I was looking forward to trying this. Milk thistle helps support a healthy liver and the fermentation helps make the herb more easily digested. I often say that I’m not a good judge of what other people might find tastes good, or even okay. That’s because I have taken Chinese herbs on and off for over 16 years. But this is a great way to help cleanse the liver, so I think it’s worth holding your breath if the taste doesn’t work for you.


Oregapet Dog Treats

Oregano oil helps kill bacteria, parasites, and other pathogens and since one of my dogs just had 17 of her teeth removed, chew treats that can help prevent the loss of more teeth is something I’m happy to give them. And, well, they seemed to like them. Simple as that. I haven’t tried it, but I am also interested in their Bed & Body spray. It’s meant to prevent and kill ticks, fleas, parasites, and bacteria on animals and the materials they come into contact with. It looks like a great alternative to the chemically unhealthy Febreeze.


Itoen Green Tea

Reminds me of my time spent in Japan, so I love this cold green tea. To avoid the plastic bottles, I’ll make my own from loose leaf tea. But, if I’m out and looking for a drink on the go, I’d rather skip the pop or juice and choose this option instead. Green tea, as you’ve probably heard, is a healthy beverage. It’s high in antioxidants, boosts metabolism, fights cancer, and supports a healthy heart.


Arayuma Cinnamon

Did you know that most of the cinnamon you buy is not actually cinnamon? What you may actually be eating is cassia, or Chinese cinnamon. True cinnamon, Cinnamomum verum (“true cinnamon”), is medicinal, helping to balance blood sugar, kill bacteria, support healthy blood vessels, and aid digestion. This cinnamon really does taste better. Not only that, but it’s also Fair Trade Certified, organic, and gluten-free. I use cinnamon a lot, so I think I’ll need to get this one by the dozen.


Kokuho Rose Rice

I’m half Japanese, so I grew up with rice as a staple of my diet. Though most of the rice of my childhood was white rice, I now choose brown or other more whole rice options for their health benefits. At the health show, my mom and I recognized this rice label immediately, as Kokuho Rose is the brand she used most. I didn’t know that what I might be buying in the store may be different from this one. We chatted with one of the granddaughters of the founder of this rice company. Just as grapes vary depending on the soil and their growing conditions, so too does rice. The northern grown rice yields faster growing strains, but may not taste as good as this particular one, grown in the south. After trying it, I have to say, I agree. Maybe I’m turning into a food snob. I don’t know anything about wine, but am “particular” (i.e. picky) about dark chocolate, tea (especially green), and maybe now also rice. 🙂


Goji & Milk Thistle Nut Butter

I love nut butters, especially almond, cashew, and hazelnut. This one caught my eye because the addition of the herbs sounded intriguing. Now, I’m not sure if the quantity of the herbs in here would be significant enough to have therapeutic health benefits–I doubt it–but healthy foods eaten regularly accumulate their benefits, so I think it’s worth it. These are the ingredients: raw organic cashew butter, raw organic almond oil, raw organic goji berry powder, raw organic agave, raw organic milk thistle, raw organic vanilla powder. This is a superyum superfood. There are other flavours as well–marine phytoplankton, blue-green algae (looks disgusting as it’s a dark green, but it tasted good), berry antioxidant, and acai berry. There are 2 downsides. One is that I’m not sure if you can find it on the shelves yet, as I was told it’s new to Canada. And second is that it only comes in single-serve packets. I wouldn’t buy it unless it came in jars.


One Degree Products

I only got the business card for this, but what I found most unique is that every product they sell (bread, flour, seeds) has a QR code on it that will lead you to their website with specific information about where each ingredient is sourced. You “meet” the farmer online. Can’t comment on the taste, but a very interesting idea in this world of mass production.


Tea Tibet

This is a 100% (!) non-profit tea company. All profit goes to benefit charities in Tibet. The management of this was spearheaded by the co-founder of Stash tea and Tazo tea. Beautiful packaging with lovely quotes on the back of the teabags. Wonderful causes.


Your experience?

Have you tried any of these products and have comments on them?


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