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Get Well Soon; Better Yet, Don’t Get Sick

Have you felt a tickle in your throat? Do you have a runny nose? Sneezing more? Or are you worried about this happening to you during your busy days ahead?

Then it’s time to take action now. Some western herbs that help boost your immune system include:
Echinacea: helps treat severe and febrile infections
Blue wild indigo: for severe febrile infections, sepsis
Boneset: for flue and flu-like febrile illnesses
White cedar: for skin and mucosal membrane conditions

Some Chinese herbs include:
Ban lan gen: treats febrile illness and sore throat
Jin yin hua: sore throat, headache, fever
Ye ju hua: swollen throat
Chai hu: alternating fever and chills
Fang feng: headache, chills, bodyache
Huang qi: boosts immunity
Bai zhi: sinus congestion
Jie geng: cough, loss of voice

And I could go on and on and on. Do you need help? Ask me! Make sure that you get the right formula designed for you.

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