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Beat the Heat–24 Hours Vancouver

Though summer is winding down, the weather report in Vancouver still calls for a rise in temperature again next week, so here are some reminder tips about how to stay cool and also how to manage insect stings. Beat the heat — don’t let it beat you _ Vancouver 24 hrs

Rock Doc tentI wrote this article when I volunteered with RockDoc for the Pemberton Music Festival. As the day approached, I realized that my usual event treatments were always sporting ones. What would I do at a concert festival? Conventional medicine is strong for emergency care. What could I offer with my acupuncture needles?

My role was to do triage as patients entered our tent. We saw lots of foot blisters, hangover headaches, and drug reactions, but also a few strains and sprains. What was great was that the team there (all conventional care providers–nurses, MDs, medical students, emergency responders) were happy to see me pull out my bag of needles boxes. 

Even though many of them had worked 4 long days with very little sleep, RockDoc’s team of volunteers were a well-oiled machine, remembering that they were there to offer their knowledge and skills, but not forgetting that their caring words, touch, and manner were just as important.

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Pemberton Music Festival


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