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Asthma, allergies, skin problems, frequent colds, and more…

Did you know that the lightest organ in your body is your lungs?

How often do you think about these very important organs? You are, after all, using them all the time, probably without thought. Without thought, that is, unless you are struggling to catch your breath.

In Chinese Medicine, we call the lungs “delicate organs” because colds usually affect the lungs early on.

So, how can you strenthen your lungs and your immune system?

One simple thing to do is to do some focused breathing regularly. It can be as basic as nice, slow, deep breaths, or as involved as specific yogic breathing exercises. Here are some:

Now is a great time to treat issues of the lungs: people who catch colds frequently, people with allergies (even spring allergies), people with asthma, skin disorders, and those who want to have better athletic ability.

Know someone like that? Have them contact me…Or ask me if you have specific questions. drcarr [at] activetcm [dot] com.

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