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Would you put electrodes in your brain to stop overeating?

We know that the brain is a powerful organ. So, what would you do to potentially save your life? Or potentially lose your life? Would you allow surgeons to drill a hole into your skull and place electrodes onto your brain? I’m watching a show called “Secrets of Your Mind”. This episode investigates how the brain affects and controls hunger and food cravings.

There’s a story of a woman who is excited to have those electrodes placed in her brain so that she can finally lose and keep off the excess weight. She’s tried “every kind of diet”. She’s tried prescription medication. She’s tried gastric bypass surgery. She is still 230 lbs at only 5’2″. She cannot seem to be able to manage her eating habits that put her at risk of diabetes, heart disease, and a myriad of other illnesses and health issues related to her obesity.

The question is, would you get this done yourself?

And, do you think that food companies should be held responsible for the drugs (sugar, salt, bad fats, etc.) that they dangle in front of the public’s face day in and day out without stop? Perhaps that’s another blog. 🙂

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