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Who knew sleep could be so interesting?

I’ve never been one to be all that interested in sleep. Some people love sleep. I know many who look forward to sleeping. I’m not one of those people. I sleep because of course we must sleep. I have always felt like I’m going to miss out on something and though I can fall asleep most times at pretty much the drop of a hat, I tend to stay awake way too late.

So, this month’s newsletter I’ve just finished writing is about sleep, why it’s so important, how to get more if you can’t sleep well, and what to do to change that inner child’s voice who still says “Can’t I stay up for just a little longer?” I’ll post that article once my newsletter goes out later this week.

In the meantime, I thought that these online articles about some other topics surrounding sleep were interesting and downright hilarious.

The first article discusses the ranking of sleep versus sex for hotel guests. In 2009 Westin Hotels and Resorts asked 12,500 frequent travelers of ten countries to rank the importance of things to do when checking into a hotel. On average, 51 percent chose sleep over sex. In 1999, the Westin did a similar study and found only 31 percent chose sleep over sex.

A similar question was asked of new parents, “Is sleep the new sex?”

On an entirely different topic about sleep, this is definitely one of the funniest products I have ever seen advertised: The Better Marriage Blanket. This blanket uses activated carbon fibers, just like the military uses to absorb chemical weapons, to absorb “flatulence molecules” in bed! Yes, you read right. This blanket prevents “offending molecules” (their wording) from being released into the air. They say it makes a great wedding or anniversary present!

What are your tips on how to improve sleep?

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  1. I have challenges sleeping (as do many of us it seems). My husband snores. He says I snore too, but it is his word against mine. However, that aside, I have a strategy to protect myself. It is out of order (I follow steps 3 to 1 in that order), but are listed in order of novelty.

    1) Technology! I have a great little pillow that I found (I think) in Home Outfitters, so it may be at the Bay as well. I don't recall the brand, but it is a full-size pillow that supports my neck well as I sleep. The only difference from my other pillows is that there is a little wire sticking out of one of the corners for my iPod! Loaded into that iPod is zen relaxation music, ocean sounds, Enya and a Science of Sleep CD that I received from Melissa as a wedding gift. (Thanks Melissa – I LOVE it!)

    2) I have super high quality ear plugs. They took a bit to get used to, but I was committed. Within minutes of deciding that the suction-type seal is actually ok (it cuts out almost all noise), I was asleep. I recommend them. You can get them at:
    snore.html The website looks a little unprofessional, but I have ordered twice and a friend ordered once. We receive the shipment quickly and they are definitely worth the money!

    3) Before the ear plugs and plugging in my pillow for soothing tunes vibrating through the pillow into my brain, I use good old-fashioned relaxation techniques. No talking about work in bed, we read non-work related books, cuddle and many times listen to a quiet CD. Once my eyes begin to droop, the light goes off and I most often drift asleep.

    Works for me! I would love to hear other people's ideas as well. This is a great topic!

  2. I am 58 years old and have had problems sleeping my whole life. I purchased the sleep secret audio and it really works. Have been using it for nearly a year now and works night after night, better than any sleeping pill I've ever taken. I would have never believed it but tried it and it certainly did the trick! Here's the link:

  3. Great newsletter and blog on sleep. I have struggled most of my life with staying up waaaaay too late and then having trouble waking up. A couple things that have helped me:
    – tempurpedic pillow (the one with the gradual slope): this has changed the restfulness of my sleep massively. I wake up and feel refreshed and the blankets aren't tossed about.
    – reducing tv/computer before bed: while my body and eyes are tired, it keeps my brain going
    – laying still: this seems so simple yet when I finally lie still, I usually fall asleep pretty quickly.

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