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What’s the most common question?

I recently watched a commercial that asked what the most common question is. Can you guess?

It’s “What’s for dinner?”
The voiceover then goes on to say that the question that’s not asked is “What’s IN dinner?”

So true! Now, the commercial is for McCain’s and I’m not sure I agree that they make the healthiest food options. It’s been a long time since I’ve purchased any McCain’s items, so I can’t comment either way now, but the only thing I can think of by them are orange juice and frozen french fries.

Anyway, why is it that we don’t focus enough on what’s actually in the food that we eat? Read the ingredients on the food you eat. Do you know what’s in there? How about when you go to a restaurant, or even worse (in most cases), a fast food joint? Many people pay more attention to the labels on their clothing (is it designer? is it a popular label?) than they do on the labels that report on the ingredients in their food!

I sometimes drive my husband nuts because I will put back a food that looks delicious on the package picture, but that has ingredients that are unhealthy. Just because it’s labelled as “healthy”, doesn’t mean it is. It used to be that Captain Crunch and Fruit Loops were sold because of the colours they turned your milk and the toy inside and how yummy they are to kids. Now they sell those cereals with the idea that they are healthy because they contain fibre and vitamins. Too bad that they also contain all sorts of junk. Think Oatmeal Crunch is healthier? Sounds healthier. It’s not. More sugar per serving size than Fruit Loops! Sunny D, Wonderbread, Nutella, Chef Boyardee, and more are all jumping on the “healthy” junk food bandwagon. Don’t believe what they tell you. Read the labels.

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  1. I agree with you wholeheartedly. Too many packaged foods tout themselves as healthy, when the best thing we can do eats lots of fresh (or frozen) fruits and vegetables. Even the best of packaged food can never replace a simple piece of fruit.

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