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What is a detox?

You’ve probably heard a lot about detoxes and perhaps you’ve wondered what it’s about and why it might be important.

Detoxification is something natural that our bodies do to neutralize, change, or eliminate substances that are unwanted or toxic to us. We have several systems that help the process: our skin, mucosal membranes, liver, colon, kidney, bladder, and lymphatic system. When operating properly, our bodies can handle many toxins. Problems occur when our bodies are weak or when the level of toxins is overwhelming.

We understand the importance of cleaning the outside of our bodies. We shower, brush our teeth, wash our faces. We must also periodically clean the inside of our bodies and try to limit the number of toxins that we are exposed to.

Detoxification programs help your own natural detoxification systems by using supplements, food, plenty of water, and sometimes treatments such as far infrared saunas for sweating.

Because autumn is an ideal time in Traditional Chinese Medicine to work on the lungs and large intestines, let’s start with a few ways to work on ways to help our lungs.

  • Breathe! Lengthen your breath. Breathe in deeply, hold for a moment, and breathe out for at least as long as you breathed in. Then hold for a moment and repeat 9 more times.
  • Get an air purifier. Living in the city, we are constantly bombarded by toxins in the air that we breathe.
  • Don’t smoke and avoid second hand smoke.
  • If you have allergies, asthma, sinus issues, or other breathing or lung problems, get them treated. Many herbs are lung cleansing.
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