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What a weekend!

I should be off to bed now. It’s late. But I just felt I needed to spend a little time to blog about the most amazing weekend I’ve just had. Well, weekend and a bit because it started Thursday. It all started with an acupuncture injection course. Ok, so maybe that’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but needles for health are mine!

I am grateful. This weekend taught me new skills, gave me new inspirations, and made me think about legacy.

New Skills

Of course since I was in a course, I got to learn how to do new things. Specifically, I learned how to do injections of nutrients, homeopathic remedies, and procaine (for treatment of pain) so that I have another tool in my box to treat my patients. I’ll write more about this soon.

New Inspirations

Inspiration #1

The first piece of inspiration for me this weekend was our teacher, Dr. James Williams. This man has been practicing the art of acupuncture and Chinese Medicine for many decades. He’s travelled around the world, studied and taught some of the world’s leading health care providers (both traditional and conventional), and somehow finds time to run an incredibly busy clinic. He’s a writer and a photographer (both are my hobbies too!). He’s humble and still craves learning. And he clearly still loves what he does.

Inspiration #2

I went to see David Suzuki lecture on Friday night. David has a clear and palpable passion for what he has spent most of his life doing. Nothing is more inspiring to me that to see someone be passionate about something they love.

Inspiration #3

Tonight (Sunday) I went to see the Canadian Tenors sing at a fundraiser. These guys are incredibly talented. But what also came across was their love of more than what they do. Their love of their family and friends was something that they spoke of often. Every song it seemed was dedicated to someone important to them. I also really enjoyed that they don’t take themselves too seriously. They joke around a lot so their joy for performance makes watching them an even more special experience.


David Suzuki’s new book is called “The Legacy”. His lecture was about legacy. His legacy is clear. He has spent much of his life fighting for issues related to ecology and environmental issues. That got me thinking.

James’ legacy is to teach and share his knowledge on health.

The Canadian Tenors’ legacy is to bring the joy of their music  to the world and they are dedicated to helping a community in Swaziland, Africa. Actually, Remigio (one of the tenors) specifically spoke the word “legacy”.

My Legacy

It’s interesting to discover what comes up when you really pay attention to what is happening around you. This weekend there were a few things that came up repetitively. The first was definitely that these incredible individuals have spent some time thinking about the legacy that they want to leave. The other things that spoke to me were:

1. Environment and sustainability. David Suzuki obviously spoke of this. Dr. Williams too talked to us about how Traditional Chinese Medicine is a sustainable medicine and how healthcare is currently one of the most costly pieces of our economy. In the U.S. it is second after military expenditures. In Canada it is probably the most expensive. Things need to change.

2. Education. Every part of my weekend was about education. Learning a new skill. Listening to a lecture on our environment. Finding out about how the Canadian Tenors are contributing through their fundraising to help educate children and communities as a way to a better life.

3. Health. For me, this is always what it comes down to. We need to strive to be vital and healthy in order to have the energy to pursue our dreams to leave our positive legacy.

These are the pieces to my legacy that I’m working on. To help people to learn how to find optimal health and wellness in their bodies, their minds, and their environment.

Thankfully I’ve had lots of B12 shots this weekend as part of my practice, so I have lots of energy now!

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