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We’ve become artificial life forms

A colleague of mine wrote, “Americans are artificial life forms. While we weren’t looking, someone transformed us from natural creatures living according to the cycles of our planet, to cyborgs.”

Think about it. We were once connected to and a part of nature. Once upon a time. But put most of us in the wilderness now without our cell phones and we’re in big trouble!  Bit by bit we’ve tried to overcome and surpass nature. We add chemicals to our foods, our bodies, and our environment. We replace or remove our body parts as they wear down or we damage them.

The acupuncturist who wrote this article challenges her colleauges to educate friends, family, and community about Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupuncture, and a natural path to good health.

I challenge you to learn more about these things and your own good health. So, what do you want to learn?

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