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I love, love, love to talk about health. Standing in front of a group of people to talk about Traditional Chinese Medicine and health is one of my favourite things.



  • Introduction to Traditional Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture
  • Stressed No More
  • Nutrition Made Fast, Easy, and Delicious
  • Joint Health
  • TCM for Women: Hormonal Balance
  • Preventing & Treating Injuries
  • Five Elements & Your Health

…your own health topic…

If you would like me to speak at your event or workplace,
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Here are some of the organizations that have asked me to lecture for them:

learning natural health

  • University of British Columbia – Pharmacy Class
  • David Suzuki Foundation
  • The Arthritis Society
  • Fraser Health Authority – pain management conference
  • UBC Care of Elders Persistent Pain Seminar in Vernon, B.C.
  • “The Role of Herbals and Complementary Alternative Medicine Approaches in Caring for Older Adults in Long Term Care Facilities” at the 2nd Annual Leadership Program for Long Term Care — Centre for Healthy Aging at Providence
  • Association of Complementary and Integrative Physicians Association, Body Heals conference
  • Tapestry at Arbutus Retirement Home – The O’Keefe
  • Blue Cross
  • Industrial Alliance Pacific
  • Desjardins Financial Security

Participant Feedback

As part of our three week Workplace Wellness event, we brought Dr. Carr in to do some Lunch n’ Learns as a way to introduce Traditional Chinese Medicine to our team. Dr. Carr did an initial presentation on the “basics” of TCM, and then did a follow up presentation connecting food to those “basics” – and who doesn’t love talking about food?! She made the very complex topic of TCM so approachable, and tied in very simple things so the attendees did not get overwhelmed with all the information. She has such a natural presence in front of groups, and speaks with such expertise – Dr. Carr clearly talks the talk and walks the walk. Additionally, the booking process was very easy; Dr. Carr was prompt in response, flexible to our goal for the event and provided great insight to us when making the plans. I definitely recommend Dr. Carr for any size group and any presentation format.

–Gillian R., HR Coordinator, Horizon Distributors

Dr. Carr provided a “Lunch and Learn” seminar to our employees, on the topic of “Stressing out About Stress”.  Approximately 10% of our Head Office employees attended the seminar. Their written evaluations indicated that:

  • The seminar met or exceeded their expectations
  • The seminar was  useful
  • They learned something new
  • They would recommend Dr. Carr and the seminar to others

Dr. Carr was organized, punctual, and easy to relate to and very animated about this topic. We will be inviting Dr. Carr to present seminars on other topics, to our employees, in the near future.

— Carolynne Mahood, Manager Human Resources, IA Pacific

“Hi Dr. Carr and Chef Luisa, Thanks for your presentation on herbs last night. You are both great to listen to and learn from and the visual/sensory aspect of the presentation was delightful. Inspiring and well done!”

— L.Z., after attending my lecture “Top 10 Medicinal Cooking Herbs” with Chef Luisa Rios