Biopuncture for Immune Boosting

A natural immune boosting shot to help you suffer fewer and less intense colds and flus

Sick man immune boostingCold and Flu Prevention and Treatment

You don’t have to choose one or the other–flu shot or natural immune boosting shot. For those of you who do not want to get the flu shot, but do want the extra support, Pascoleucyn or Engostyl will boost immune function. If you choose to get the flu shot, these remedies will not conflict (get them a week or more away from the flu shot), but will give you a broader protection, as the flu shot does not target all viruses and does not work against many infections. 

Cold and flu season usually hits hardest during our fall and winter months, so I recommend starting cold and flu prevention at the end of August or very beginning of September. For those of you who don’t generally get sick easily, I recommend you get the immune boosting shot once or twice during this season. Those who often get sick more often should receive the booster more often, perhaps as much as once a month. 

You might also want to have your natural immune booster before you travel, when you are exposed to many sick people, or at the very start of a cold.