Biopuncture for Detoxification

If you want an alternative or further support to detoxification cleansing kits, biopuncture offers an easy option.

TCM package detox cleanse health

We live in a toxic world, so even if we avoid alcohol, drugs, smoking, and other intoxicants, toxins are found in our water, air, and household chemicals. If you live a relatively clean life, doing a detox cleanse once a year (I usually suggest springtime), may suffice. If you indulge more frequently in intoxicants, take pharmaceuticals, or work with chemicals, you may need to cleanse more often.

Quassia is a remedy that supports liver health and detoxification, while Lymphdiaral helps with lymphatic drainage.  These remedies can support detoxification when used on their own or can support your herbal detoxification program, lessening the symptoms that flare and can create discomfort for you at the beginning of a cleanse.