B12 Shots

B12 injections are a fast and easy way to address deficiency.

B12 energy biopuncture injectionVitamin B12 is found in food like meat, fish, and dairy. Though we’ve consistently recognized that vegetarians, vegans, those with poor digestion, high performance athletes, and the elderly are prone to B12 deficiency, according to the ongoing Framingham Offspring Study, almost 40% of Americans between 26 to 83 years of age are in the “low normal” range for B12 levels. Though these levels may be considered “normal,” they may actually be deficient. 

Your might have a B12 deficiency if you suffer from fatigue, a loss of vibration sensation, walking and balance disturbances, heart disease, depression, sleep issues, allergies, poor concentration, confusion, dementia, and more.

You can supplement B12 orally or by injection. When taken orally, a sublingual (dissolve under the tongue) version is best. For those of you who want a best absorbed form and don’t want to take a pill daily, B12 shot might be your best choice–quick and easy.