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Travel Tips

Travel natural health–       If you are flying into a different time zone, check out how to limit the effect of jetlag by clicking here.

–       To avoid catching someone else’s cold or flu when flying, make your own anti-viral aromatherapy spray. Mix 100% pure lavender and tea tree essential oils in purified water in a glass spray bottle. Spray the blend into your face and inhale deeply while on the plane. Not only will it keep your nasal passages moist and help stop you from getting sick, it’ll also smell pleasant and help you relax.

–       Drink lots of water when on the plane and avoid alcohol.

–       If you worried about getting “Montezuma’s Revenge”, bring some grapefruit seed extract and some oregano oil (both are anti-parasitic, anti-bacterial, and anti-viral). You can use the grapefruit seed extract to wash your fruits and vegetables. Remember to use boiled or purified water. Oregano oil is a powerful remedy that you can take orally. It tastes horrible, but it really does help! NOTE: Pack both in plastic baggies because you don’t want either bottle leaking on any of your stuff in your bag or suitcase!

–       Bring digestive enzymes if you are going to be eating different (or more) foods and your digestive system is challenged.

–       Probiotics (choose the kind that don’t need to be refrigerated) can also help avoid digestive ills.

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