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Traditional Chinese Medicine Numerology


Yin Yang
Dark Light
Night Day
Moon Sun
Cold Hot
Female Male
Storing/Nurturing Moving/Active


Heaven, Human, Earth

Spirit, Mind, Body

Father, Child, Mother


5 elements

Water Wood Fire Earth Metal
Season Winter Spring Summer Late Summer Autumn
Climatic Qi Cold Wind Heat Damp Dryness
Yang Organ Bladder Gallbladder Small Intestines Stomach Large Intestines
Yin Organ Kidney Liver Heart Spleen Lung
Sense Organ Ears Eyes Tongue Mouth Nose
Body Tissue Bone Sinews Blood Vessel Muscles Skin
Emotion Fear Anger Joy/Shock Worry Sadness
Color Black Green Red Yellow White
Taste Salty Sour Bitter Sweet Spicy
Sound Crying Shouting Laughing Singing Moaning

5 directions: north, south, east, west, centre


The 5 organs listed above, plus the energetic pair of pericardium and San Jiao (Triple Warmer)

6 directions in space: up, down, left, right, forward, backward

6 stages of Yang and Yin

– Brightest Yang (Yangming), Major Yang (Taiyang), Minor Yang (Shaoyang)

– Major Yin (Taiyin), Minor Yin (Shaoyin), Shrinking Yin (Jueyin)


Ba gua: 8 trigrams of Yin and Yang


– 12 organs (as listed above)

– 12 meridians (acupuncture channels)

– 12 hours a.m., 12 hours p.m.

– 12 months

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