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Sometimes time seems to fly by. Especially now, in the middle of summer. It seems it’s June one day, September the next.

For those suffering from pain or other health challenge, however, sometimes time drags. Though a health problem can happen in an instant–like a pulled muscle on a soccer field or whiplash from a car accident–most health conditions take time to build. They also take time to settle, improve, or resolve.

Of course we’d like our healing process to be as quick as a cheetah, instant coffee, and high speed internet–“faster is better,” the commercial tells us. But, this is not how the body–or nature–usually works.

Nature takes time. For example, in Hawaii I bought 2 sticks. The directions read that after cutting off the wax ends and placing them in water, these sticks would grow into the sacred Hawaiian ti plant called “Ki.” I placed one of the sticks in water and waited. A week later, added more water, and waited. Week after week I waited and watered, watered and waited. I started to think that all I was going to get out of this process was a wet stick.

Finally, a little green bud and a couple of skinny little roots emerged. Now, about 6 months later, I have a full Ki plant and a wonderful reminder of a wonderful place. But, if I had given up, I would have tossed the stick into the garbage and figured it would never have worked.

The body can be like this. Sometimes we need to pay careful attention to the small shifts, practice patience, give our bodies time. Then one day we might notice that eating more vegetables, getting acupuncture, getting more sleep, practicing a regular exercise program, meditating, and/or taking herbs really is making a difference.


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