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Think of me like a toothbrush…

Think of this, do you brush your teeth regularly because you have cavities…or because you want to prevent cavities?

Yes, I CAN treat illness, injury, and mystery symptoms…but… you could also think of me to be like a figurative toothbrush. I love to help PREVENT illness and injury and mystery symptoms. Some patients come in regularly, like once a month, to help them manage their health and stop little symptoms from turning into more troubling ones. Some need more frequent visits, some need less frequent. Depends on the individual’s situation.

One preventative measure to consider right now is a biopuncture treatment of Pascoleucyn (contains an herbal quantity of echinacea and ultralow dosage of other natural substances) to boost your immune system so you can improve your chances against being dragged down by the flu this season.

If you brush your teeth–and I hope you do!–ask yourself, do you care for the rest of your body at least as much as you care for your teeth?

Prevention of illness is a cure.


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