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“The World According to Monsanto”–A Horror Movie

The sad thing is that this movie is a documentary. This movie exposes the terrifying manipulative, illegal, and dangerous things that Monsanto is doing. They call themselves “an agricultural company” offering “innovation and technology to help farmers around the world be successful, produce healthier foods, better animal feeds and more fiber, while also reducing agriculture’s impact on our environment.”

I already knew that Monstanto is in actuality a biotechnology company started by a 30-year veteran of the pharmaceutical industry. The company produces genetically modified organisms (GMO). If you buy soy or corn products that are not organic, you are likely getting GMO foods. It is horrifying to me as we know so little about the future impact that our playing with the genetic makeup of our foods will have.

So far Monsanto has created saccharin, DDT, Agent Orange, aspartame, bovine growth hormone, and PCBs. So, what would ever have us believe that this corporation has our health in mind when they rake in their big bucks?

It angered me to watch how they have made it difficult for farmers around the world to continue their farming practices, especially when Monsanto claims to be trying to help farmers and communities.

Know what you are consuming. Recognize that no product in Canada is going to label that their foods contain GMOs because they legally do not have to. So, make wise food choices to protect your health and hit deceitful companies like Monsanto where they hurt–their pockets.

And, watch the movie “The World According to Monsanto” by Marie-Monique Robin.

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