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The Biology of Belief

I just spent all day today at a forum held at UBC called “It’s Time to Heal”. It was created by Maple Ridge MD, Dr. Nelie Johnson. As soon as I saw that Dr. Bruce Lipton (PhD in Developmental Cell Biology) would be speaking, I knew that I would have to cancel my busy Saturday clinic day to attend this.

I first saw Bruce at a conference hosted by one of the herbal distributors for my TCM herbs several years ago. I had never heard of him, but after an intro 30 minute talk by him, I immediately called my husband and told him to stop whatever he was doing and get downtown to come see Bruce’s lecture slotted for that afternoon. My husband was writing his Masters in Psychoneuroimmunology (PNI), the study of how the mind affects the immune system via the nervous system. PNI is based on quantum physics and quantum physics is Bruce’s area of expertise.

I, unfortunately, couldn’t attend Bruce’s lecture that afternoon as I wanted to attend the lecture on Balance Acupuncture and they were scheduled to take place at the same time. I’m still glad I made that choice as I use those acupuncture skills every day. If you’ve ever had me acupuncture your hand when your lower back is sore or your right wrist to treat your left ankle, you’ve had balance acupuncture. But, I always wished I could have seen more of Bruce’s lecture…especially after my husband spoke on and on and on about him afterward.

Shortly after that weekend I bought Bruce’s CD lecture “The Wisdom of Your Cells: How your Beliefs Control Your Biology” and was spellbound with what he had to say. He says it so much better than me, but basically it boils down to the truth that the foundation of what we teach in medical school is WRONG. DNA does NOT control our biology. Genes do NOT control life; life CAN influence and CHANGE how our genes express. We can control our genes! How? Because it’s the signals that we get from our environment (energy–good or bad, trauma, toxins, and THOUGHT) that can change how the genes express and how how a cell is created. If you take in good energy (Qi) and thoughts, you can grow new healthy cells. If you take in negative energy and thoughts (e.g. fear, anger, anxiety, etc.), you are in protection mode, i.e. fight or flight. You cannot be in growth if you are in protection. Your body chooses one or the other.

If this makes sense to you, then you must have read some stuff about Quantum Physics and healing. If it doesn’t, then you’ve got to learn more from Bruce or someone like him. Why? Because you can be in control of your own health, wellness, and happiness. And, it’s more than just positive thinking.

My husband bought “The Biology of Belief” and I bought “Spontaneous Evolution“. We have a lot of reading to do now!

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