Wellness Addressed & Stress Relieved

Informative and helpful advice/sessions.  Very relaxing!!  I am experiencing immediate results.  I had originally gone in for acupuncture and am now receiving many forms of treatment and well-rounded advice in addition to acupuncture.

— G.L., Vancouver, B.C.

I feel really fabulous that I’ve finally found a Doctor to see and keep my health updated. I really feel calm after the treatment, and this is weird, but my hands keep sweating and are really warm.  I like that they are warm for a change because they are usually so cold!!! It must be my circulation circulating!!! It’s great! I feel like your treatment definitely let some of the blocked energy FLLLOOOOWWW!!! I think that every human is their own best doctor, as we all know our own bodies better than anyone else, but it really helps to have a professional–kind of like a sherpa guiding you up the mountain.

— D.B., Vancouver, B.C.

I am writing you because I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate how you have helped me with my health over the past two years. Even though I came to you initially for your qualifications as an acupuncturist, I was pleasantly surprised when you began my treatment by focusing on all aspects of my health and wellbeing. While I believed I was on a good vitamin regime, I quickly realized that my hodge podge of supplements was wasteful and ill-conceived. Reducing my vitamins and minerals to a few key products saved me money and time, but most of all I have a renewed energy, the likes of which I have not felt in many many years.

Of course, I have also enjoyed and benefited from my acupuncture treatments for both general maintenance and acute issues.

I am confident that the ounce of early intervention that you provide me is saving me from a pound of painful problems in the future. Thank you very much for your support and expertise in keeping me at optimum health and performance.

It is important to know that I do not hold this opinion alone. Many of my friends and clients who have come to you for ailments ranging from mechanical knee problems to painful digestion issues share my gratitude and feelings of good fortune to have you as our first stop care provider.

I look forward to continuing on my path of good health and offering my friends and associates the opportunity to benefit from your skills and talents as a healer.

Thank you again for your contribution and service.

Yours truly,

–Stav Adler, CSWP, SPCA with PI Financial