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TCM and Nutrition Detox Package

liver cleanse spring detoxAccording to Traditional Chinese Medicine, spring is the season when the liver and gallbladder are most active. With over 500 vital tasks, your liver works very hard. All the blood that leaves your stomach and intestines passes through your liver where it is processed and filtered. The liver also produces bile, which helps to break down fats for further digestion; stores iron; produces cholesterol to carry fats; converts excess glucose into glycogen for storage; supports the immune system; and clears the blood of toxic substances.

Spring is a great time to consider a detoxification cleanse. During this time of year, nature comes to the surface——flowers bloom, grass grows, leaves reappear. Doing a cleanse during the spring season works with the natural flow of the body as we are still a part of nature.

If you are ready to do a cleanse, but have health issues, have never done a cleanse before, find cleansing programs too challenging, or want to go beyond the scope of a basic detox kit, this package may be the right fit for you.

A Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) consult gets to the root of what will best support your body’’s cleansing process by customizing food choices, supplement products, herbals, treatments, and lifestyle activities.

Nutrition consultations will guide you with easy to follow specific meal plans which will focus on the foods recommended by the TCM doctor as well as other liver supportive and detoxifying foods.

Included in the package:

– TCM consultation (30 minutes)

– Nutrition consultation (50 minutes)

– Acupuncture treatment (60 minutes) to support cleanse

– Nutrition consultation follow up (30 minutes)

– 10% Discount coupon for supplements

Cost: $225.00 Incl. tax (Over a $55 Savings)

*If you would like help with the food preparation/cooking part of the process, please contact us for details.

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