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Simple exercise #1

Every morning I bring my dogs downstairs to my building’s basement to let them run around crazy. That’s their exercise. Easiest thing in the world for me and I used to just stand and watch them. It’s fun to see the joy they get chasing each other, jumping over each other, and wrestling. But after awhile, day after day, I noticed I’m staring at the wall more often then not, so I decided to find an easy exercise I could do myself.

Because I spend all day leaning over people doing acupuncture (most of you spend all day leaning over a computer or something else too), I thought I should work on my posture.

So, I started pilates wall exercises. This is an example of one:

Do you have simple exercise ideas that take 5 minutes or less that you can do anywhere?

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    • Thank you for your comment. I bought a book called “Pilates: Body in Motion” by Alycea Ungaro and that gave me the idea for wall exercises. Then I did an online search to find an example that I could post. For more exercise information, I would suggest asking this trainer Shari Feuz to post something about strengthening core and improving posture. Her blog is here:
      I’ll see what more I can find myself and post something soon on this topic as well. Keep letting me know what you’d like more of and I’ll happily oblige! 🙂

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