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Seasonal Reminders for Spring

wellness care springBooooiiiinggg! Spring has sprung. This week I received a letter from my strata. It was our spring seasonal reminder list–make sure the balcony drains are clear, open valves to outside hose connections, etc. This letter reminded me about more than building maintenance things-to-do. It also reminded me to remind you how the shift into spring can affect your health, so I thought I’d do a comparable list to help you get ready.

Household tip: Check smoke, carbon monoxide and security alarms, and replace batteries.

Body tip: Check in with your own body. Have you been ignoring pains, fatigue, and other symptoms that are trying to alert you? If yes, it’s time to start making changes.

Household tip: Check for winter damage like cracks, leaks, signs of moisture.

Body tip: Check for winter damage. Is your skin dry from the months of heaters? Have you been over-indulging in cold weather comfort foods? Are you stiff and sore from months of couch surfing? Even if you haven’t yet acted on your New Year, New You intentions, it’s not too late. Spring is like a fresh start. Now that you know what you need to work on, you can restart on your path to healthier activities.

Household tip: Spring clean your house. Clean the windows, clear your drains and gutters, get into the nooks and crannies to clean out the dust, dirt, and mold.

Body tip: Time to detoxify! Spring is a great time to do a cleanse. This is when your body is best set up to cleanse, so make good use of it. If you have health issues, have never done a cleanse before, find cleansing too challenging, or would like to go beyond the basic detox kit, Connect Health’s nutritionists and I have paired up to offer a TCM/Nutrition Cleanse.

Household tip: Open windows to let some fresh air inside.

Body tip: Get outside and breathe in some fresh air. If you’ve been hiding indoors to avoid the cold, snow, or in the case of Vancouver, the rain, find ways to get outside more.


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