Health Articles

I have been fortunate to write for more than just my own blog. I share some of these articles here.

Newspaper General Health Articles

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Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine: Deep, Historical Roots Offer New Medical Insights (Alive Magazine)
Acupuncture Regulation and Coverage (Inside Tract)
WE Vancouver – FITNESS GOOP: This won’t hurt a bit (really) (Westender Newspaper)Traditional Chinese Medicine Vancouver BC Acupuncture Vancouver
Warming up to Moxibustion (Alive Magazine)
Fall: Letting Go With Breath (My Yoga Online)
Chinese Medicine: Tips for the Fall Season (My Yoga Online)
Winter: Building the Bones (My Yoga Online)
Spring: Allergies No More (My Yoga Online)
Summertime Heart Openers from TCM and Yoga (My Yoga Online)
Traditional Chinese Medicine Tips for Late Summer (My Yoga Online)
Blaming TCM Herbs (Health Action Network Society)
Sweet in the Modern World (Medicinal Roots Magazine–pages 7-9)


Coping With Stress – Part 1 (The Bulletin)
Coping With Stress – Part 2 (The Bulletin)
5 Ways to Manage Your Stress (My Yoga Online)

healthy food Traditional Chinese Medicine Vancouver Acupuncture Vancouver BC

Workplace Wellness

Workplace Wellness (Alive Magazine)
Working Well (Alive Magazine)


Traditional Chinese Medicine and Digestion (Alive Magazine)
Digestion and TCM (Inside Tract)


Much More than Calories (Alive Magazine)


The Role and Use of Vitamins in Optimizing Health (The Bulletin)

Bone Health

Bending Eastward — Traditional Chinese Medicine (Alive Magazine)

Beauty from the Inside

Facial Acupuncture (Alive Magazine)

General Health

Multitasking-A Four Letter Word (Fitness Goop)
No Excuses: Yoga On the Go (My Yoga Online)
Summer Lovin’: 5 Healthy Reasons to Get Outside and Play (GaiamTV)

“Knowing is not enough, we must apply.

Willing is not enough, we must do.”

— Bruce Lee