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Ready-in-the-Morning Rice Cooker Oatmeal Recipe

healthy breakfast recipe rice cooker oatmeal recipe

This isn’t a picture of my old rice cooker, but it did look similar. This one looks fancier though, as it has a “keep” warm function. Mine had just the one switch. “On”

Is it weird that I love my automatic rice cooker? When I started university, my uncle gave me his old rice cooker. The one that he had used in university. It was mustard yellow. So, you know the era it was born. I kept that until just a few years ago. I used it regularly, and it always worked perfectly well. 

But then I discovered that I could get a rice cooker that I could set to have rice cooked and ready for any time I specified. And I learned that this wonder device could also cook oatmeal. And apparently bake a cake, but I’ve never tried that.

So, now my 5 cup Zojirushi rice cooker is used every single day, at least once, sometimes twice. Almost always for oatmeal in the morning, ready at 7 a.m. exactly. I feel like I have my own chef every morning. Perhaps I’ll nickname him Zoji. 😉

Here’s what I use for my Morning Rice Cooker Oatmeal Recipe:

Rice Cooker Oatmeal
I think I got the basic recipe with my rice cooker instructions. But I've modified the ingredients to my own taste. And you can do the same.
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  1. 1/3 cup steel cut oats
  2. 1 cup water
  3. Small handful of goji berries
  4. Small handful of raisins
  5. Small handful of pumpkin seeds or almonds
  6. Small handful of unsweetened coconut flakes
  7. *This recipe was created using the rice cooker measuring cup.
  1. Place steel cut oats, water, and your chosen extra ingredients in the inner cooking pan.
  2. Place the inner cooking pan in the main body of the rice cooker, plug in the unit, and cook using the “Porridge” setting.
  3. When the rice cooker turns to Keep Warm, open the lid, and stir. Oh, and I'll mention that mine sings a little ditty when breakfast is ready. 🙂
  4. Serve warm.
  5. Using the Timer function and soaking the oats overnight will help soften the texture. Please do not use the Timer function when cooking with milk or other dairy products, as they may spoil.
  1. I do this every night and time it to be ready in the morning.
  2. I add almond milk or rice milk or coconut milk in the morning. You could choose to add a tsp of honey or maple syrup.
  3. This serves 2 people
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