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Pretend you’re sitting

In a previous post I wrote about how you can do an easy 5 minute pilates exercise using just a wall. The next exercise in this grouping is similar to a “wall slide” that is used to strengthen the quads (upper thigh muscles). The pilates style wall squat also has you mimicking sitting in a chair using a wall against your back, but also adds the element of posture and spinal alignment as you draw your abdominals in and up to push your back fully against the wall.

If you are new to this exercise, you can start with a higher position, imagining you are sitting on a bar stool with your feet on the ground instead of down to a full 90 degree angle at your knees.

Make sure to keep your head and shoulders in contact with the wall. Avoid tucking your pelvis underneath you. Check that your knees are directly over your toes and never past. This video has her using light weights to work out the upper body as well.

If you don’t have weights, you could use food cans. I’m sure that after my mention of a bar stool, someone might suggest cans or bottles of beer, but I’ll suggest you keep those containers sealed, at least until you’re finished this exercise.  I might use my dogs as weights. After all, I have 2 and they are about 10 lbs each! That’s a great workout challenge! 🙂

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