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Positive Affirmations: 6 Steps for a Healthier You

Guest posting by Sean Wilkinson

By now, most of us are aware of the effects of stress and the havoc it can play on our immune system. Stress delivers hormones into the blood steam that left unchecked, can make people more susceptible to disease and illness. Discoveries in psycho-neuro-immunology (PNI)–the study of how beliefs, behaviours, and environment impact our health–have demonstrated some potent immune-boosting tools at our disposal: our words.

The mind and body are complex interconnected systems that science has yet to fully understand. However, research has uncovered that many of the things we say can have a tremendous effect on our physical self, including our immune system.

An effective easy-to-do procedure you can use to help achieve your health objectives is to create positive affirmations. It is a simple but powerful technique that will tap into the brain’s therapeutic capabilities.

1. Identify something that you want to change.

2. Imagine and list how you and others may react to those new changes.

3. Relax your body and your mind using any number of relaxation techniques, such as guided imagery, deep breathing, meditation, and yoga.

4. Once you have reached a relaxed state, visualize yourself–in as much detail as possible–having reached your goals. Imagine yourself being healthy, happy, and confident.

5. Create an affirmation that describes and celebrates your new achievements. Use the present tense because it asserts your willingness to reach your goals now. For example:

  • I feel healthy and  whole
  • I am full of vitality
  • I am getting stronger each day
  • Every day is new day full of hope
  • My immune system can handle any kind of bacteria or virus
  • I have a positive, optimistic outlook on life
  • I am pain free and my body radiates health
  • I have the power to control my well-being
  • I choose thoughts that will keep me healthy and happy
  • I am stress-free and relaxed


6.  Stay with this positive image and repeat the affirmations you have made for several minutes.

Create some positive affirmations for yourself. They can be an effective way to strengthen the mind and help direct the body toward better health.

Sean Wilkinson has a certificate in counseling science, a master practitioner diploma in neuro-linguistic programing (NLP), and a B.A. in applied communications. He has a passion for writing, particularly about health topics, education, and politics. If you would like Sean to write for you, contact him at

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