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“No Time. No Money. Don’t Know How.”

“I’m on holidays, so my usual health routines don’t apply.”

All excuses. But it’s not difficult to make the healthier choices. First of all, the holidays excuse. I do believe that it’s a good idea to ease up on regular routines once in awhile. Of course I too like to indulge with my food, toss out sleep/wake specific schedules, and skip the regular workout routine. But I find that if I keep at least one of my healthy habits on track, I feel much better.

I find that I love to enjoy the local cuisine, even if that means pastries or rich meals. I also find that I don’t always have control over the timing of events. Some activities require a later night, while others mean getting up super early. Where I can have more control is often how active I am. I find ways to walk, hike, take the stairs, join dynamic activities, and any other way to move. I start my day with 20 to 30 minutes of yoga. No excuses.

No time? Take an inventory of what you do in a day. Do you have 10 minutes? Schedule in that time, at least that, every day. Stretch, take a fast walk, do jumping jacks, do kettleball swings, or do yoga sun salutations; choose activities based on your own level and ability. Take the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator. For healthy food, cook in large batches so that you have leftovers to freeze; use a slow cooker or timer rice cooker; and choose recipes with 5 ingredients or less. For sleep, know that without enough sleep, you will be less efficient over your day, so skimping here does not endow you with more time. No excuses.

No money? The movement activities I listed above cost you nothing, or next to nothing. You don’t have to join a gym or take classes to exercise, though you may want to get some initial guidance from a trainer, especially if you are not regularly active, want to push yourself to the next level, or have injuries. Fresh vegetables, fruit, legumes, and grains can be purchased inexpensively. If you buy dried legumes, you can soak them, cook them, and freeze them for future use. For good sleep, invest in a decent bed and pillow. They will last you for a long time and be worth the investment, but you don’t have the buy the most expensive ones to get good quality. No excuses.

Don’t know how? Certainly there are many places to research online, but make sure that you use common sense and, of course, understand that not all the information is valid. If you need help, there are many of us who studied health and wellness for years and continue to keep up to date on health research, supplements, nutrition, exercises, and more. I’m always happy to help! You know by now what I’m going to write here…no excuses!

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