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My Connection to Oprah!

Ok, so I haven’t met Oprah and I haven’t been interviewed by Ophrah herself. But, Oprah does have her own tv network and I’m on one of the show’s on OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network) called Buy.O.Logic. Here’s a link to the episode that I am in. This particular episode is called “Boobs on my back”. The host Isla is a super fun and talented woman who came in to see me for acupuncture and cupping. She had never had acupuncture before and was very nervous about it. The “boobs” reference is to the fact that I did cupping on her back and because of the suction into the cups, the lifted tissue does look unusual. Here’s a link to the show info:

And here’s my section in the episode…Boobs on My Back. Note that there is a short black screen section (seems like nothing is going to happen) partway through my clip, before they show the cupping (it was once a commercial). I’ve also kept in the section that has a review of the anti-nausea bands that I often recommend to patients as they use the acupoint P6. Enjoy!


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