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Live a little

“Live a little.”

This was what my husband said to me when I said “no thanks” to his offer of some artificially flavoured popcorn. My response was, “I want to live a lot! That’s why I choose not to eat that crap.”

Now, to be fair, I don’t like cheese-flavoured things. I don’t like spicy. And I’m just so-so about popcorn. So, this particular snack of jalapeno cheese flavoured popcorn was not a temptation for me. I may have said yes to a piece of dark chocolate cake or a muffin.

But, really, even my biggest temptations are enjoyed in moderation. I enjoy a piece of high quality dark chocolate almost every day. But, it’s a small piece that I make sure to savour. After all, we are more likely to fully appreciate the things that are limited. When we think of something as “special,” we pay more attention to it.

I am certainly able to eat a large muffin every day–and almost all café muffins are super-sized large. I used to do that. But now, I rarely eat muffins–i.e. cakes-in-disguise–and no longer miss them. I also don’t miss the fatigue, headaches, and excess weight that came along with eating them. So, given a choice of eating or drinking items that make me live my life a bit weaker and perhaps a bit shorter, I choose to “live a lot” and select foods that support my health, while savouring small amounts of foods that also feed my “live a little” self.


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