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Lecture tonight to answer your questions…

Come learn easy and even fun and yummy ways to detoxify. I will be lecturing with Chef Luisa Rios of Cooking Journeys.

When? Thursday May 12th, 7:30-8:30

Where?, #101-2025 West Broadway

How? Sign up for attendance by calling 604-783-2846 or emailing Last minute attendees welcome too.

These are some of the questions we can answer tonight! If you can make it, bring your questions too. If not, then stay tuned because we will be answering these questions, one a day…
1. What’s your biggest fear of cleansing? (This is a true question for you. We want to hear from you!)

2. Do you ever stop and listen to your body? What does it tell you after every bite?

3. Why is cleansing important?

4. What are the potential benefits of a two-week break from a world of lurking toxins?

5. How can storing too many toxins in your body impact your health?

6. Are the toxins only hiding in food? What about plastics, tins and other food packaging?

7. How many new chemicals have been put on the market since World War II?

8. Do you wonder how to choose the best fruit & veggies at the supermarket?

9. What does your high school biology dissection class have to do with your household?

10. Amongst all the convenient foods, are they a few good ones?

11. What is the most important part of doing a detox?

12. Are there big no-no ingredients that I should always stay away from?

13. What is the most important dietary basic item you need when cleansing?

14. Do you wonder if there are tips to get organized before starting a two-week detox (cleanse)?

15. What common simple supplement can help boost your immune system and help your liver process toxins?

16. Do you think that you can’t eat with all the things that you remove from your diet?

17. Why is fibre important for a cleanse even if you are not constipated?

18. Key tips for putting a meal together.

19. Aside from a cleanse kit with something to help my liver, fibre, and a laxative, what other supplement can help?

20.Looking after the super foods

21.What simple exercise you may have done as a kid can help you detoxify?

22. How do you create a clean kitchen and a clean pantry without the help of “Mr. Clean”?

23. I’ve heard that many household items, including mattresses and carpets, can off gas toxins. What can I do?

24. Clean cooking tips

25. What is the largest single organ of your body and how is it affected by toxins?

26. What are the most common food allergies?

27. What about children? Are they free of toxins?

28. What’s the best appliance in your kitchen and the most under-utilized?

29. List your reasons for doing a cleanse to help you stay on track. Do you want more energy, to prevent disease, to lose weight, to clear your skin, to improve your digestion? Other? (Another one for you to answer for us!)

30. What is mindful shopping, cooking & eating?

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