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In Favour of Simplicity

I doubt I would see many hands held high in the air if I asked any group of people, “Who wants life to be more complicated?”. So, of course, most of us are in favour of simplicity.

My July newsletter (coming soon) focuses on just that topic, specifically with regard to finding health benefits in an easy way from meditation, exercise, and a surprising way to get more energy. Don’t worry, I have many more ideas that I want to share, but I also want life to be simplified, so this time there are only 3 (plus a bonus one) examples. Oh, and one of my favourite recipes for a picnic or a potluck. If you want to read that newsletter, sign up to receive my once a month health-e-newsletter by email: subscribe here.

And, if you want a chance to win a HUGS (health under great stress) package, comment on this blog with your favourite way(s) to simplify things for a healthier life.

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