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If you’re not active, what’s your excuse?

This morning I was invited by one of my patients to watch and try her Qi Gong class. I’ve taken some Qi Gong classes before, but none like this. I stood out because I was the only one under age 70 and the only non-resident of the retirement home where the class was held. My patient has been teaching Qi Gong for a long time. I expected that she would show that she knows what she’s doing. I didn’t expect to see how well her students did too.

There were 5 students in attendance today. Apparently there are usually 8 (it was a beautiful day out, so perhaps they were out enjoying it). One woman was seated, but that didn’t stop her from showing that she could participate equally well.

There was no speaking during any of the Qi Gong routine. The only sound was the relaxing music. The students all knew the routine well and as I sat and watched the routine for the first round through, I thought how dance-like it was, smooth and graceful. For the 2nd round onward I joined in and did my best to watch and copy.

What I heard during the break halfway through the class was that one of the students has been doing this with this same teacher for the past 6 years. Another of the students said that she would not be able to go out for her morning walk if it were not for Qi Gong. Another was able to pass her driving test because the classes helped her to be able to turn her head and shoulder check.

I saw that it was keeping them limber, physically and mentally. I saw that they were enjoying themselves. I saw that it was proof that none of us have an excuse not to be regularly active in some way.

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