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I emailed off the following letter to my MLA and to the premier. I sent it last week and have received no response. Don’t actually expect anything useful anyway, but I do feel it’s my duty and responsibility to do something. I think if we all do, something may happen. I recognize that the province needs money, but this is just not the way to do it.

I would like to express my extreme displeasure
and disatisfaction with the decision to enact
the HST. This is not a tax that will bring more
money into the province. It will hurt its citizens.
It will hurt small businesses.

I am a registered Dr. of Traditional Chinese
Medicine. I have to charge GST on all of my services
and products for my patients. I will have to charge
an extra 7% with the HST. That is a huge jump that
will make it harder for my patients to continue with
their health care. Our health care system is already
hugely burdoned by chronic illnesses. My patients
often pay out of pocket for their acupuncture treatments
and supplements. Those who do have insurance coverage
through their extended medical plans will be able to
receive either fewer treatments or pay more out of pocket.

It is not only complementary and alternative health care
providers and our patients that will be hurt by this tax.
Can you please tell me how small businesses, including
hairdressers, restaurants, veterinarians, and health stores
will benefit from the HST? Not only will I be paying more
for the services I use, but I may also be receiving a lower
income and I am the main provider for my family.

How do you propose that this "harmonized" sales tax will
bring more harmony into my--and others like me--life?

Am I missing something?
Dr. Melissa Carr, B.Sc., Dr.TCM
Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Active TCM -- Helping You Help Yourself

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