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How clean are you?

Today is day 2 of my 14 day cleanse. And day 7 of my 40 day yoga challenge. The cleanse is to help detoxify my body; the yoga is helping detoxify my mind.

Some of my friends have thought me crazy to make both of these commitments, especially at the same time. Even just a few months ago I would have agreed. But it’s actually not nearly as tough (so far) as I had thought it would be. Here’s one reason why. Check out this picture of the inside of my fridge.

cleansing detoxification foodOne of the biggest challenges is food planning and prep. Here’s the good news, after I help my patients (including myself!) sort out ideal foods to eat and which to avoid or limit, Luisa of Cooking Journeys does a consult to create a meal plan and can also even buy, prepare, and deliver the food! So, there’s my fridge full of my first week of cleanse foods (minus the milk, that’s my husband’s). Not only does it make it easier, but I’ve learned a bunch of ways to create new healthy meals and snacks. Did you know you can make kale crisps that are super yummy, very nutritious, and easy to take when you’re on the go? I didn’t know that until today.

If you’re interested in doing a cleanse that is, dare I say…enjoyable, as me.

And, the yoga? How easy has it been to commit to doing yoga every day? So far I’ve been to every day, but I won’t kick myself (though my flexibility to be able to do so is improving!) if I miss a day or two. The hardest part of that so far hasn’t be to go to yoga–because I’m loving the Vinyasa Power Flow and Kundalini styles–but the increase in laundry!

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