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Healthy Apps

I posted on my Facebook page that anyone who has ever lined up for more than an hour to buy an iPhone or iPad can no longer be my friend. I was joking…sort of!

I do enjoy my iPad and iPhone, however, and here are some of my favourite apps and websites that I use and recommend for healthier habits (free or inexpensive):

– : A free “universal breathing room”. Join people from around the world breathing in sync. A great way to relax, meditate, focus, and bring positive energy into your life. A simplified version is also available as an app.

– * : An inexpensive resource of yoga classes and more that you can watch and follow at home.
Plus health articles and more.

– **Alive magazine: Pick up a free copy at most health food and supplement stores. A wealth of free health articles and recipes.

– *Other free online health resources include: and

– : Find out which foods you should buy organic and which foods are less of an issue.

– Decision Maker (app): When we are stressed we sometimes have a hard time making life’s simple decisions (do I want lentils or chickpeas?). This simple app helps me move forward.

– Gratitude Journal (app): Keep a gratitude journal and you will find you have more to be grateful for…funny how that happens. Obviously you don’t actually need the app. Get a beautiful book to write in. But write down what you are grateful every day, even if it’s just that you’re grateful to have had a tissue on you when you sneezed!

– Simply Being (app): A free guided meditation that you can use to help you relax and meditate. There are also many great CDs and sound tracks accessible online or in stores. Guided meditation can be a particularly good start for beginners.

– Period Tracker Lite (app): A free app to keep track of your menstrual cycle. Helps a lot when you get treatment from a Dr.TCM 😉 and you can’t recall by memory what your last period was like.
If you want to log in more information, you can get the paid app. It’s only $1.99!

– ShopNoGMO (app): Genetically Modified Foods. If you want to avoid them (and you do), this app helps you figure out what to buy and what to avoid.

– Locavore (app): Let’s you know what foods are currently in season for your area.

– Whole Foods Market Recipes (app): Yes, by Whole Foods Market. Search for recipes by ingredients or dietary preferences (e.g. gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan, etc). Add the ingredients for your chosen recipes directly to a virtual shopping cart with the touch of a button.

– Songza (app): Music can be healing. Choose your fave music styles to help set the mood you want.

– Awesome Note (app): I keep my recipes here (if you are ever wanting a recipe for a healthy food, ask and if I have one in my collection of now over 200, I will email it to you with the simple touch of a few buttons) and it keeps me organized. Organized means less stress!

Do you have any favourite apps that help keep you on track with healthy habits? Let me know!

* I write for these sites.
** I’m on their advisory board.

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