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H1N1 craziness!

The other day a patient of mine told me about the crazy encounter she had at her doctor’s office this week. She went in to ask for some testing and when her doctor entered the examination room she looked so frazzled that my patient asked if something was wrong. The doctor asked her patient if she swore sometimes. The response being “yes” caused the doctor to sigh in relief and say “f$%#, f@#%, f*&%” through gritted teeth! Definitely not a professional thing to do in front of her patient! But she was so exasperated with the demands that were being placed on her and her staff by impatient, rude, and angry patients insisting on being next in line to receive the H1N1 vaccine.

The thing is that those patients are scared. They are being given conflicting information and promises. One moment we are told that there is plenty to go around; then we are told that vaccination clinics are being closed. We are told that this virus is the main flu (some say only flu) of the season, yet testing is not being done. That is a huge assumption. We are told that this one is more virulent than previous seasons, yet the numbers have not reflected that. In countries that have completed their flu season, their numbers are comparable, if not better than previous years. For example, Australia saw fewer deaths from the flu this year than in years past. We are told that the vaccine is safe, but the pharmaceutical companies have been waived of their responsibilities should their drugs go terribly wrong.

I have patients who have received the vaccine. I have patients who have chosen not to have the vaccine. I am not pushing anyone in either direction as that’s not my way. I think it is up to each to become informed and to make his or her own decision.

But, PLEASE, if you do seek the vaccine, be considerate of those who are doing their best to provide the service and respectful of those who are put before you to receive it.

I myself am choosing to boost my own immune system with herbs, supplements, food, exercise, sufficient sleep, and acupuncture treatments.

Have you had any experiences like my patient had?

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