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From my friend Desiree

I liked what she wrote in her first newsletter, so I’ve copied and pasted it here. This is all part of staying healthy!

My Three Sixty

The way I see it, our lives are becoming too serious. Our daily routines are full of tasks that need to be done and we move mindlessly through each one, just to get it done so we can move right onto the next. Before we know it, we pass through days, then weeks and months, until an entire year has blown right by us. Have you ever heard someone say “This year has gone by so fast!”? Of course, we all say it. We are too busy moving onto the next item on our list rather than being present and enjoying each moment.

I say it’s time to bring back the FUN. We all have tasks, projects, meetings, and work that needs to get done, so why not make them fun? Next time you are in a meeting, tell a joke or a funny story, introduce a bit of laughter and watch your colleagues loosen up. The meeting will be much more enjoyable. Next time you are grocery shopping, make a game out of it: time yourself and see how fast you can get it done. Or if you have time, strike up a conversation with the person picking grapes beside you – why not? Most importantly SMILE at the cashier; take time to speak with them and see how their day is going, I bet it will make you both feel better.

We will all get a lot more work done, teams will be more efficient/productive, and people will be happier if we are having fun. Life is short – take time to make it enjoyable!

A smile is very powerful – it’s even been known to break ice

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