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Food mistakes you might be making…

Summer’s here–yay! It’s finally here!–and some of us may be thinking to make healthier food choices for shorts and tanks and bathing suit weather. Of course I know that we should seek healthy food choices year round, but the warmer weather makes it easier for me to make those pushes for my patients who have that extra bit of motivation.

Many of you know that Caesar salad is not actually a great menu choice because of its high fat and high calorie profile, but did you know that that fruit smoothie at the mall may also be a poor pick? That “enhanced” (i.e. “vitamin”) waters and diet sodas can cause weight gain? That many low fat products have more sugar? That “light” olive oil is just lighter in colour and taste, not calories (I have never even seen “light” olive oil)? That “multigrain” or “seven grain” may still be mostly processed white flour or other refined grain? That omega-3 enriched foods use little or no EPA or DHA, the healthy fat from fish like salmon and sardines? That microwave popcorn may pack as many as 6 g of trans fat?

I found this slideshow by WebMD to be pretty generally informative and it gives some ideas of alternative food choices. Not a fit for all, but still well done. Click here to view.

If you have questions for me about your specific health issues and food choices, please ask.

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