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Do what I say…AND what I do

I read a story recently as follows:

A mother brought her young son to Mahatma Gandhi. She begged, “Please, Mahatma. Tell my son to stop eating sugar.”
Gandhi paused, then said, “Bring your son back in two weeks.” Puzzled, the woman thanked him and said that she would do as he had asked.
Two weeks later, she returned with her son. Gandhi looked the youngster in the eye and said, “Stop eating sugar.”
Grateful but bewildered, the woman asked, “Why did you tell me to bring him back in two weeks? You could told him the same thing then.”
Gandhi replied, “Two weeks ago, I was eating sugar.

I truly believe in leading by example. I try to follow the same principles and recommendations I give my patients. I am not, nor do I strive to be, perfect. But I do do the best that I can. In fact, I have for a long time recommended yoga, tai chi, and/or qi gong. But I had not done any of those things regularly myself for awhile. A month ago I committed to going to yoga class regularly. And now I like it more than I ever thought I would.

I had also been working a lot and not taking enough breather time for myself. Well, yesterday my body told me enough was enough. I came down with the fastest flu of all time (or so I think). It started in the afternoon, forcing me to cancel the remainder of my patients for the day. I had an acupuncture treatment, dragged my sorry butt home, and slept. Made myself sweat it out (not hard to do with our currently very hot weather) and woke up 100% myself again. Lesson heard, lesson learned. I don’t think I have ever given up a day of clinic due to illness and I’ve been seeing patients for about 8 years now! This was my body telling me that it needed a break.

Listen to your body. Do the things that are good for you that you keep promising you’ll do, but don’t do. And congratulate yourself for the healthy changes you do make. Your body will thank you!

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