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Summer Heat, Cooling off

Vancouver is in a heat wave now and many are feeling uncomfortable. On the news tonight there was a report about how using ice cream and frappuccinos–or other such high calorie, high sugar, high fat, or all of the above food and drink–is unhealthy and quickly add up the pounds.

So, I looked up some other options. Here’s my modification of a healthier recipe I found online:
* 1/2 cup milk (I’d try soy or rice milk)
* 1/4 cup honey
* 1/2 tsp cocoa
* 1 tsp vanilla (may also add a little nutmeg, hazelnut syrup, and/or coconut extract as well to spice it up)
* 2 T. coffee substitute (like Pero or Roma) or 1 tsp instant coffee
Mix all in a blender, then add about 2 cups crushed ice (or 3 cups cubed). As soon as the drink gets thick, like a milkshake, you can stop adding ice, and it should be perfect.

And, this site has lots of healthy options:

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