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Bad news press; Good news reality

24 Hours logoSometimes something comes out in the news that is bad for a profession. Someone’s poor decisions and actions can taint the profession as a whole. It has happened many times for the police, though there are many good officers that keep the public safe.  It has happened to dentists, when one person is doing unlawful dental work in their basement. It has happened to executives who steal from the company or misappropriate funds. But this should not reflect on the professions at large. TCM is a regulated profession. That’s a very good thing. We have rules we need to abide by. Of course! These rules are in place to protect the public. You are protected. If we do not follow them, there are consequences. As there should be. I recently wrote this article in 24 Hours Vancouver to inform about the safety of the TCM practice of acupuncture.: Public safety not taken lightly in TCM

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