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An Inconvenient Truth

This movie is appropriately titled. To see it forces you to think about your actions and inactions. How can we close our eyes to something that will have such a big impact on our lives? To something that is already having huge consequences on our environment?

The hottest 10 years on record have all been recorded in the last 14 years! People joke that that just provides an opportunity for more beach days, but people are dying as a consequence of global warming.

Does it not seem as if there are more and more hurricanes, tornadoes, and other natural disasters lately? That’s because there are. The number of category 4 and 5 hurricanes has almost doubled in the last 30 years. Glaciers are disappearing. Malaria is spreading. Droughts, floods, and wildfires are increasing. Animals are at risk of disappearing:

The impact of global warming is even being felt by Vancouver Island businesses this summer with the closing of tourist-related businesses this long weekend due to a water shortage.

One could read these facts and feel dispair. But, as is said in the movie, there is a step between denial and dispair. That step is action. We took action when the ozone layer was severely damaged and we forced our governments to make the necessary changes. Now the ozone layer is no longer a concern. For what you can do see

Why do I post something about the environment on my site that is about health? Well, because your environment does affect your health. As much as we have technology to heat or cool our indoor spaces, we don’t live in our own personal bubbles. Peoples joints really do ache when the weather turns damp. People do get headaches with weather changes. Environmental allergies are huge! In Traditional Chinese Medicine, we do see the relationship between wind, cold, heat, damp, and dry with health conditions ranging from the common cold, to strokes, to cancers.

Have you seen the movie? What do you think? What have you done?

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