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Acupuncture Research

“So, does acupuncture actually work?”, they ask me. Even if they don’t ask, many people think it. Until you experience the benefits of acupuncture, it’s really a fair question to ask. After all, sticking hair-thin needles into various points on the body to heal it doesn’t fall within the contexts of our western minds. With that in mind, I thought I’d publish this blog to start adding research links and article links.
Objective To evaluate the cost effectiveness of acupuncture in the management of persistent non-specific low back pain.
Acupuncture has a measurable, if mysterious, effect on the brain, UK scientists have found. The study adds to evidence that patients benefit from acupuncture not simply because of their expectations.
An overview on acupuncture
Acupuncture enhances generation of nitric oxide and increases local circulation. This may be a possible mechanism of action for how acupuncture treats pain. Another study here shows that acupuncture stimulates specific brain activity during treatment of chronic neuropathic pain. And the last study here shows that Chinese herbs can be used to reduce chemotherapy-induced toxicity.
Here’s a strange one!!! Acupuncture treats plants!

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    Acupuncture is used to be a known alternative method nowadays. But in the Ancient times, when Chinese first used this method, this is the most effective way to cure illnesses, diseases without side effects.

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